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"Being a male is a matter of birth, being a gentleman is a matter of choice." 

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Project Kings' Academy

is a nonprofit initiative with the goal to generate academic funding for African American young men through educational programs, community service endeavors, creative projects and charitable donations. Our mission is to build young men of valor with a direct focus on academics, 

self-esteem, morals and personal values. We strive to promote excellence through scholarship and mentorship to help change negative stereotypes and encourage positive cultural awareness

in the lives of

young men around the world.

Mission | Purpose

"A gentleman's character speaks louder than words."

The Mission

Our mission is to help shape the minds of young men in our respective communities.  In doing so, we must first live an exemplary life conducive to male empowerment, leadership, professional and social growth, financial stability, moral values, strong spiritual beliefs and respect for ourselves and others.


It is imperative that we understand the importance of mentorship and guidance.

We must be the driving force of excellence in our communities and work to ensure

 the same level of excellence is instilled in the lives of young men to follow.

We must be providers of wealth and knowledge while striving to promote peace and workmanship among men.


Our future existence depends primarily on what we represent today. We must be prosperous in our families, schools, communities and churches. We much teach a balance of confidence and humility in efforts to train young men to stand bold in who they are and better than what society has deemed them to be. 

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